German I Daily Activities

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Quizlet: fraudvorak

Wednesday 17 January

Went over Tagebuch cover, answered first Tagebuch of the semester.

Tuesday 16 January

Ich bin cool video and worksheet. 

Friday 15 December

Gimkit:  Play up to 4000 or 200 questions


Gimkit: Cash Tycoon  Play up to 100,000 or 200 questions

OR ONLY if those don't work

Friday 8 December

Reviewed Familie in book pages 81-83

Thursday 7 December

Played game with vocab from 3-2

Started 3-3 Vocabulary, fill in the Familie side of the extra vocab sheet

Wednesday 6 December

Work on 3-2 assignment

Zeichne: 12 Möbel und schreibe was sie sind. 

Schreibe 8 Sätze mit all 10 Adjektiven in dieser Form.

Die Couch ist schön aber sie ist alt. 

Watch the genders of the words and the prepositions in the second clause. 

Tuesday 5 December


Practiced vocab from 3-2

Monday 4 December


Weihnachten in Deutschland notes page - PowerPoint here

Friday 1 December


Talked about Springerle, recipe sent on Remind

Turned in section 1 dialog projects

 Started vocab for section 2 (furniture and adjectives) - practiced orally

Thursday 30 November


Reviewed Advent briefly.

Reviewed section 1 chapter 3 vocab

Worked on assignment dialog - sent in Remind or done in class. 

Wednesday 29 November

Frau Dvorak gone

Advent in Deutschland lesson


Tuesday 28 November


Went through all the where do you live and what would you like to eat vocab. Pages 73-77. 

Practiced flashcards and answering

Monday 27 November


Watched the Chapter 2 video

Started chapter 3 - pg. 69

Went over vocab from pages 73-77

Wednesday 22 November

Played games & finished turkeys

Tuesday 21 November

Frau Dvorak out sick

Took quiz and worked on/turned in turkeys

Monday 20 November

Got turkey assignment - write about one turkey. Extra writing and coloring are bonus. 

Worked on turkeys/played games. 

Friday 17 November


Kapitel 2 schreiben test due

Played Gimkit or Blooket

Thursday 16 November


Reviewed vocab

Final drafts of "schreiben" due tomorrow. 

Played Gimkit

Wednesday 15 November


Finished up listening submissions and went over rough drafts. Worked on turning in rough drafts or starting final drafts. 

Tuesday 14 November


Able to start recording the Sprechen assessment

Work day on Rough Draft Schreiben and Sprechen

Monday 13 November


Read profiles again

Got Sprechen and Schreiben assessments for Chapter 2

Class time to work. 

Thursday 9 November


Worked on opinions and agreeing or disagreeing - pages 57 and 58 in book

Finished reading profiles

Wednesday 8 November


Worked on vocab, times, word order, adding on to ex. 24 & 25 with ex. 26 and one more step (watch video)

Read profiles

Tuesday 7 November


Took vocab quiz

Worked on times, page 55 & 56

Did ex. 24 and 25

Monday 6 November


Took 6 sentences from the 30 we wrote and drew pictures for them. 

Practiced how to write questions. 

Friday 3 November

Practiced questions orally

Period 7 orally

Thursday 2 November

Discussed the worksheet more in depth and corrected some ideas. Could re-submit if mistakes were found. 

Wednesday 1 November

Frau Dvorak gone

Article - must read

Video - must read

Berlin Airlift Info

More about the wall itself

Tuesday 31 October

Reviewed vocabulary

Went through sentences

played Gimkit draw

Monday 30 October

Reviewed vocab

Read expanding profiles

Wrote 30 sentences - turn in for corrections

Friday 27 October

Went through Stufe 1 vocabulary and Stufe 2 vocabulary. Practiced sentences with gern. 

Read Profiles and/or played vocab games.

Thursday 26 October

Went through vocab from Stufe 1 in book/Notizen on paper

Practiced vocab

Went to page 50 and 51 in book to cover Stufe 2 - added new vocab to flashcards and practiced "gern"

Wednesday 25 October

Went through flashcards and pronunciation

Worked on writing short sentences. 

Tuesday 24 October

Made a list of class hobbies/activities

Watched Chapter 1 video

Monday 23 October

Started new vocab on page 47 & 48

Wednesday 18 October

Took Phrases quiz

Played Blooket

Read pages 18 & 19 in book

Tuesday 17 October

Reviewed phrases from chapter 1

Played Gimkit

Monday 16 October

Went through phrases for Hilfreiche Woerter

Another 10 Mathe Probleme - turn in!

Reviewed Grammatik - cognate, nouns capitalized, genders of nouns, du & Sie

Verbs, conjugation finish filling in. 

Friday 13 October


Finished conjugation sheet

Played Gimkit with phrases - quiz on Wednesday. 

Thursday 12 October


Look at the Wie kommst du zur Schule notes


A little bit about Conjugation on kommen

Practice phrases and play game if time. 

Wednesday 11 October


Page 1 of Konjugation 1. 

Wie kommst du zur Schule notes and practice.

Flashcard practice of phrases. 

Tuesday 10 October


Took quiz on Start Talking 

Finished up the cognates and false cognates on own.

Worked on the noun genders, and went through some in some classes.

Period 7-gave notes for tomorrow. 

Monday 9 October


Assigned and worked on 10 Mathe und Zahlen problems

Worked on cognates and false cognates

Added formal and informal 

Practiced titles

Went through questions

Went through what will be on the quiz tomorrow. 

Friday 6 October

Went through nouns page - Cognates, False Cognates, and page 2

Played game in some classes

Thursday 5 October

Practiced (helpful classroom) phrases - quizzed partner

Wrote about self  in introduction writing. Turned in. 

Played game with phrases

Wednesday 4 October

Practiced phrases

Read through profiles

Finished some Puppentheater

Tuesday 3 October

Watched Videos about Tag der deutschen Einheit


Day of German Unity

Practiced phrases

Shared Puppentheater

Read some profiles

Monday 2 October

Tagebuch - video write enough to prove you watched it. 

Worked on math

Worked and finished Puppentheater!

Friday 29 September

Read intro profile

Practiced yes/no questions

Played Gimkit

Turned in Oktoberfest worksheets. 

Thursday 28 September

Frau Dvorak is gone for periods 6 & 7

Thursday plan:

Do in this order. 

1. Tagebuch 

2. Writing skit using phrases we've learned (no internet needed) Single, partner, and groups of 3 are options. 

20 phrases if single

30 phrases if pair

40 phrases for trio

3. Making "puppets" - these can be printed pictures, pictures from magazines, actual puppets, dolls, anything but an actual human that can be handled like a puppet. 

4. Working on Oktoberfest activities. - They can turn these in when finished. 

Wednesday 27 September


Intro Conversation Assessment

Flip option

Extempore option


Went over Thursday assignment

Practiced/filled in new phrases on start talking and helpful phrases. 

Tuesday 26 September


Went over rules for saying Prost

Practiced some phrases from classroom expressions

Added more conversational questions - yes/no questions

Added vocab Freund, Freundin, Lehrer, Lehrerin

Monday 25 September

Reviewed some missing Oktoberfest information

Practiced interview conversations

Learned Mädchen and Junge. 

Friday 22 September


Practice phrases

Review Oktoberfest facts

Answer 1 question about Oktoberfest (from Tuesday's Tagebuch)

Work on Oktoberfest activities

Thursday 21 September


Practice phrases

finish Oktoberfest presentation

Wednesday 20 September


Practice phrases

Oktoberfest presentation

Tuesday 19 September


Practice Phrases

Oktoberfest presentation

Monday 18 September


Practice Phrases

Oktoberfest presentation 

Oktoberfest key words


Friday 15 September

Tagebuch VIDEO

Practice our introduction questions. 

Practiced the helpful phrases

Played ladder game. 

Thursday 14 September


Practiced our introduction questions

Interviewed others. 

Went through helpful phrases and flashcards

Wednesday 13 September


Introduction question practice

Worked on the Hilfreiche Wörter - filled in the classroom vocab at the end. 

H.W. Meine Ziele and Info Card

Tuesday 12 September


Played LOTTO (Bingo) with numbers

Worked on memorizing introductions

Went through  he Hilfreiche Wörter

Monday 11 September

Tagebuch - Meme 

Just practiced new phrases. 

Friday 8 September


ABC & Zahlen Quiz

Speaking portion here! Click on Das Alphabet & Zahlen

Thursday 7 September


Review Alphabet & Numbers

Telephone numbers - zwo

Do 10 on the math page

Go over log-ins for tomorrow quiz

Link here: to join class

Remaining time: play game

Wednesday 6 September


Review Alphabet & Numbers

Go over year numbers

Practice phrases with interview Fragen

Tuesday 5 September


Review Alphabet and Numbers - count up to 50

Do 10 on the math page. 

Practices phrases with introduce yourself (sich vorstellen)

Friday 1 September


Shared Schultüten

Practiced Alphabet  - individual letters - spelling

Practiced #'s, counting, flashcards

Went over yesterday's homework

Thursday 31 August


Worked on Schultüten & watched Muzzy. 

Practiced Alphabet, flashcards and spelling

Numbers, flashcards, math, writing numbers

Homework, top of page 2 of die Zahlen wks. 

Math - choose 10. 

Started - Wie alt bist du and In welcher Klasse bist du? questions. 

Wednesday 30 August


Reviewed Alphabet - practiced spelling

#s - counting, flashcards. Homework, numbers of bottom of die Zahlen worksheet

Tuesday 29 August


Practiced Alphabet

Phrases - Greetings, Names, Wie geht's

#'s, writing in pronunciations

Listening and speaking the numbers

Monday 28 August


Practiced Greetings - name - how's it going

Alphabet - write in pronunciations

Practice spelling


Friday 25 August

Went through phrases of greetings, name, how's it going, bye

Went over Tagebuch cover and explanation of Tagebuch. 

Practiced numbers

Thursday 24 August

Reviewed phrases and numbers and alphabet

Started on what's your name. 

Worked on the Schultuete. 

Wednesday 23 August

Went over phrases sheet, expanded to add a few words. 

Went through class syllabus. 

Reviewed Schultüte 

Tuesday 22 August

Worked on the greetings, farewells, and in between conversation phrases

Started Alphabet, numbers 0-10

Read about the Schultüte 

Monday 21 August

Began working on the greetings, farewells and in between conversation phrases