Extra Credit

Here are some extra credit opportunities. Some are seasonal and fit right in with what we're learning. If you have any questions, ask Frau Dvorak. If you have more ideas, you can of course ask!


For cooking and baking extra credit you'll have to document the process with pictures. You can either take real pictures of you doing the work and then eating and hopefully enjoying the outcome or you can take pictures on your phone or a digital camera and email them to me. We will share them in class. 

If you find your own recipe, try to make sure it is as authentic German as you can get. Using the Americanized versions would defeat the purpose. 

Zum Essen

September-October - Apfelpfannkuchen - (Apple Pancakes) Search for your own recipe and then share that site with me or use this recipe

October-December- Lebkuchen - (Gingerbread) Search for your own recipe and share that site with me or use this recipe.

November-December - Stollen - (Fruit cake but not fruit cake at all) There are hundreds of varieties of Stollen but stay away from adding candies. Obviously you'll have to skip any of the alcohol they add too. If you find another recipe, share that site with me. Use this recipe for a great version. 

December - Christmas Cookies! Vanillekipferl or Zimtsterne or Any of these

Chapter 8 - Kaiserschmarrn (from Komm Mit! 1)

January - February - Rinderrouladen (Beef Rouladen) - This dish is a thin cut of beef rolled around bacon and onions, seared and simmered. Can be served with Spätzle, a kind of noodle.

Authentic Apfelstrudel   - This lady's recipe is a true Austrian recipe. Labor intensive, but beating the dough is interessant and it uses a ton of apples if you have them. Serve with ice cream and/or whipped cream. 


December - Glühwein! - Glühwein 2 - It's kind of like a cider. It's a hot beverage to drink this time of year. Again, there are literally hundreds of recipes. You can make any of them but of course the NON alcoholic versions! They taste better anyways. Share the recipe you used when you make it and share it. More recipe varients

Eiskaffee - This is Frau's go-to in Germany. Here is a recipe that should be easy to understand. Up the quality by using gelato...

Eisschokolade - Don't like coffee, but hot chocolate or chocolate milk is your thing? Then try this variation the the previous. 

Spezi - As common as root beer in the US. This can be done at home. Read the infos. Fanta is fine if you add some lemon juice. 3/4 Cola, 1/4 Fanta and a splash of OJ or lemon juice

Apfelschorle - This is essentially carbonated apple juice. We can now found the real thing in some grocery stores in the US, however if you'd like to make it at home, buy/make some carbonated water and then add apple juice. Tada! fizzy apple juice. 

Postcard Schicken

Today's communication has changed drastically since Frau Dvorak was a kid (only a few years ago 🤣). I remember always carrying my address book with me when I traveled so I could send my friends a postcard. Plus it was exciting to get the postcards from them while they traveled. Mail is always fun to get. Well times have changed and now we have the INTERNET which allows you to send off your selfies by text or on social media in a second and share them with everyone. 

You may not even know how to send a postcard so you avoid it on a trip. Well here's your chance to learn. For some extra credit points, send Frau Dvorak a postcard of your city (or state if you don't have city postcards) or of a trip that you go on for school. Schreib auf Deutsch :). Remember a postcard is not a letter, so don't write too much. Message on the left, address on the right. Stamp at the top right. There is no return address label on a postcard. The stamp for a postcard is cheaper than a regular stamp, but you can use a regular stamp to mail a postcard. 

Related image


Send it to my school address

Frau Dvorak

Mandan High School

905 8th Ave NW

Mandan, ND 58554

Holidays - things besides cooking/baking

Oktoberfest - Sew your own dirndl or lederhose. Kind of extreme but I'll give you the full 20 if you know what you're doing!

Advent - Make an Adventskalendar during the season of Advent. Must be nicely done with something behind the doors. 

Silvester (New Year's) - Bleigiessen


Choose a topic that we are learning, like school, house, or chores, and label the items with post-its or other labels. You will see they items regularly to help you learn phrases or vocabulary. Prove it to Frau Dvorak by taking a picture (pictures) of your labels. Don't just put them up and take them down. That defeats the purpose!

For the classroom - those phrases from the beginning of the year. Print/Type them out and stick them around the classroom - with your school's permission of course. 


Got a great (appropriate) German meme? Share it with Frau Dvorak for a couple extra points. 

Parent Teacher Conferences

If your parent or guardian (only 1 counts!) emails me about you in class, I will of course respond, honestly. You will be rewarded with 2 extra credit points for this. They can email as much as they want. You can receive the reward once per each semester. 

Live like a German

This a a challenge to live like many Germans do in respect to their daily environmental actions. Many things that are normal in German life are different to those from the United States. This could be because of accessibility, availability, costs, or concerns. Many of these habits/activities can help the environment in the same way as the "reduce, reuse, recycle" habits can. 

If you would like to participate in this extra credit, you would attempt some/as many of these activities as you can over a 9 week-1 semester period. You will keep a daily journal to record your tried activities you did and also your thoughts on the activity. 

In the end a short (3/4 -1 page) written reflection on how you think the activity went for you. 

Habits/Activities (you are not limited to what is here, you may create your own)


Use less water - ex. turn off water while brushing teeth, less water while washing dishes, many Germans will actually turn off the shower water while they are soaping up in the shower and turn it back on to rinse. 

Use less single-use plastic - ex. use reusable straws, cutlery, dishes

Use dryer less - hang your clothes to dry. You could tumble dry your clothes for a short time and then hang them. This is typical of many countries to not use a dryer. 

Buy less - Remember everything created will have an end of useful life. Can your phone last for an extra year? Do you need that plastic hat? If it can't be recycled it will definitely end up in a landfill, or worse, in nature. 

Drive less - carpool with others, or make one less trip to town. We are very reliant on cars, but what if we just cut down on the driving. If possible, you could walk or ride bike to make your short trips. 

Reduce energy use - This is a bit harder, but a better sealed house in the winter and summer will help save energy. One can also close curtains in the summer to keep out the sun and in the winter open the curtains to help heat the house. In the summer, one can also open the windows at night to bring in cool fresh air. Reduce heat in the winter and increase the heat settings in the summer so the furnace and A/C don't run as often. 


Rewear clothes - If your clothes are not dirty/smelly or you only wore them for a short time, wear them one more time, this will save water and energy. 

Some plastic containers can be reused at least once if not multiple times. 


This one is easier for some than others. If you town or nearby town offers any type of recycling, take out, sort, bring it in. 

This can also go for things like old electronics, batteries, plastic bags, light bulbs, clothes. Different stores offer some of these different services. 


Garden your own produce. This cuts down on energy it takes to ship produce to your local stores. It usually reduces chemicals used in many large farm operations. 

In tandem with gardening is composting. One can fairly easily set up a compost site on their own to reduce waste of organic materials. 

Ultimate Challenge

Once upon a time, Frau Dvorak was a student just like you in ITV classes. Back then pictures of each class were taken and posted on the GWN website - and they are still there! Can you spot her? http://www.greatwesternnetwork.com/Picturesall.htm

That's right, you have to figure out which classes and when Frau Dvorak took in high school on ITV and spot a much younger looking Frau Dvorak. Good Luck!