Writing utensils

1 inch binder with folder pockets (either built-in or added) or a very good folder

Loose leaf paper (preferably with reinforced holes) or notebook


German English Dictionary

Text for German I:

Komm Mit! 1 Textbook (2003 or newer edition, older edition is not sufficient) This text can be ordered from the textbook company or other textbook websites (even Amazon). Please make sure it is green (2003 or newer) and not blue (too old) when it arrives. You got ripped off if they send you a blue one!

I recommend just buying a used one. New does NOT mean better. 

2003 ISBN: 0-03-056597-9

2006 ISBN: 0-03-037254-2

1995 ISBN: 0-03-032519-6 DON'T GET THIS ONE!!!!



No Textbook for level 2, 3, or 4 - Copied materials, online materials, and readers will be provided. 

Michael & Sabina (teacher provided)