You want to travel to Germany but Frau Dvorak isn't going? Well here are some options to travel with other students taking German.

With another ND German teacher. Often other teachers in the state have room for a few students a year. If you are interested in this method, let Frau Dvorak know and she can make the connections. The prices initially seem high, but there are scholarships through the organizations to bring the cost down.

You will travel with other German teachers and students just like every other school group. Click on the link for dates, locations, and cost.

This is a full year exchange. You would attend a German High School just like you do in the USA and you would stay with a host family for the entire school year. You apply for this with an accompanying scholarship, covering all the costs of the exchange.

Same logo-not a mistake. This link will take you to two other options for graduating seniors. One is for Young Professionals and the other is for the Vocational Youth Exchange Program. Young Professionals if for students 18-24. This gives US students a chance to intern/work in Germany in their professional fields. The Vocational Youth Exchange is for students who just graduated. It is a "13th" year of school, but will place students in a vocational school setting.