Continuing my German

So you're leaving the classroom... How else can you learn German you ask? Well here are some ideas. You don't need to do them all, just find your own style. Some are mine, some have been crowd sourced and of course, if you have more ideas, let me know!


Learn German with Anje

Meet the Germans

Nicos Weg, Starting A1, then A2




I don't like Rosetta Stone


Buy a book on Amazon in German, like Harry Potter or fairy tales they sometimes have dual language books


You can listen to Audio Books here - I'll see if I can find recommendations

German music: Playlists Top 50 Deutschland, Deutsch Pop-Pop, just careful, lyrics can be explicit 

Live radio stations from Germany, the commentary is all German but lots of English music

Netflix & Disney+: 

Change movie language an/or subtitles to German

Netflix has some original German shows as well, just be careful on content