Will you being studying at a university after high school? Did you know that if you are, many universities in North Dakota and some other states will give you credit for the foreign language you learned in high school?

Also adding a foreign language to any program of study will open up many doors for future career opportunities. You could even travel abroad during your university time and get credit for that! There's no better time to travel than when you are young.

Frau Dvorak's Alma Mater. If you declare German as a major right away, there are many scholarship opportunities that await. And YES, you can declare multiple majors and change them throughout your college career. Here you can earn a major, minor, and get language certificates.

While NDSU offers majors in French and Spanish, they only offer a minor in German, but if you've had a couple years of high school German, a minor is often fairly simple to acquire.

Minot state also offers German and you can minor in German with a teaching concentration or not or earn a certification. Also easy if you've had a couple years of high school German.

At the University of Jamestown, you may earn a major in German, French and/or Spanish. Small programs ensure direct and meaningful instruction.

While you may not be able to earn a major or minor in German at DSU, you may still take German courses and possibly earn credit for your German knowledge from high school.

If you're up for moving south, Auburn University offers a dual German and Engineering degree.